Sunday, March 29, 2009

In which the Universe has other plans

I had big plans for this weekend. The weather's been getting better, but not too hot yet, I've got lots of stuff I'm working on, so there are plenty of things to choose from that need working on. I was going to get lots done (even, maybe, some house and/or yard work!)

Then the Universe laughed.

Friday I wasn't feeling well at all. Had to call off from work and take an unpaid day kind of not well. Chalked it up to the Fibro, medicated and slept most of the day. Saturday I got laundry done. That was it. (All the stuff in Saturday's post was prior work that I finally got around to putting up, not that days work.) That should have been a hint, when just doing a few loads of laundry and a blog post wore me out. That still left Sunday though - I could still get things done.

And the Universe continued to laugh.

Around 2 a.m. the storms rolled in. Big storms. Strobe light horror movie kind of lightning. The kind where the room lights up every few minutes, and you know, just know that any minute you'll see something in the corner. Next flash it'll be closer. Then closer. (For the record, love of horror movies + overactive imagination = BAD COMBINATION!) After about 30 minutes of lying there with the covers pulled up to my chin, I gave up and got out some mindless knitting to tide me over until the worst of the storm had passed. Then the sinuses kicked in. Just storm pressure right? Wrong. When I finally woke up, I was definitely in the throes of a nice spring cold. Bleah.

I did finish the socks though.

And washed and ironed some fabric for a quilt block swap


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