Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drive-by Update

Well my computer is still not wanting to upload photos. In fact, it wouldn't even recognize my camera yesterday, so no photos with the update, but here's what's been happening in Weasel Land.

Finished shawl number six for the 10 in 10 challenge. This one is Traveling Woman in a lovely blue/green mix sock yarn. Lots more on the needles - and the original list has been completely thrown out the window. Too many new and shiny things grabbing my attention!

Forgot to mention in the last update that I made some really neat felted bangle bracelets at Felt Club. I used upholstery cording as the base, then wrapped in wool and embellished with novelty fibers and wool shapes.

AND (drumroll please) I'm working on an original requested piece. I'm not calling it a commission, since this is for a friend, but it's a step in that direction! Woohoo!

When/if the computer decides to cooperate, I'll come back and load pictures of everything!