Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Down, Nine to Go

As I mentioned last week, I signed up for the "10 in 2010" shawl challenge. Frighteningly enough, I'm on track so far. This is the Windsbraut, Wintersturm, started January 1st Oslo, Norway time, which was 6 pm December 31st my time, finished January 16th my time.

Just because it's done, doesn't mean it was drama free. About six rows from the end, I realized that I am still knitting huge for some reason (see the previous debacle with the FAO beret), and was going to run out of yarn. Fortunately I was able to not only locate some more, but locate some locally through Ravelry's stash options. Final tally, the first ball ran out 3 1/2 rows from the end. Yikes! If I had had to rip the whole thing out and reknit on smaller needles - well, let's just say it wouldn't have been pretty.

This puts my tally at 1 small completed, 2 large in progress, and 7 to start. Oh yeah, and all those UFO's haunting me. Yikes. Just keep knitting.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Have Already Lost My Mind for the Year

Yes, it's true. Right off the bat, I've gone ahead and gotten the "I've gone completely bonkers" out of the way for the year.

Someone started a challenge group on Ravelry called "10 in 2010". The goal is to knit 10 shawls during 2010. Minimum size is 250 meters for 8 of them, and 500 meters for 2 of them. Now, of course, I'm not one to go look for patterns that just qualify so I can get this done. Noooooo....I go ahead and pull 10 out of my PIGS to plan for the year. I did have enough sense to include the smaller ones in there (which for me means around 400 yards). There are still 4 that are way over the required yardage (900 - 1500 yards).

If anyone needs me, I'll be huddled by the fireplace mumbling "Just keep knitting...just keep knitting...".