Monday, July 4, 2016

Yes, No, Maybe

Month end recap - Got my OWL to 50%

Finished my Headmistress Challenge

Didn't get a previously started item done this month, so that will actually leave me a minimum of two items down by end of July, since it turns out the last clue of the Frida's Flowers blanket is the finishing, which I don't get to count for a House Cup class. Oh well. Still can potentially end up one down from where I started, if I finish everything.

That last bit may be the problem. I think right now that I'm doing all right on that circular shawl for my Order Mission, but I've found in the past that circular shawls are lying liars that lie. You think you're all on track because you're halfway through, then the increase rounds start getting absolutely ridiculous. So, we'll see what happens on that front.

Oh, and I'm a Slytherbird. Got sorted to Thunderbird at Ilvermorny.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


OWL handed in for 50% mark, which is actually 3 of the 5 repeats done, basically because I'll either have to make fringe or corner tassels, neither of which process I like. Crochet along still not caught up, but all clues are in hand, and the next one is started so about 2 1/2 left to go by end of the month, plus finish a pair of socks for detention, plus the final clue of the Headmistress challenge, and the shawl.

No problem.

I'm due for insomnia about now anyway.

And the Daily's AND the Gate near me are both 24 hour stores. And I have drink cards with both. So any necessary caffeine consumption is covered, right?

I'm insane, aren't I?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So, out of the four new things I started, one is on track for the month. The cowl is caught up through available clues.

The crocheted blanket is caught up through clue 3, clue 6 is to be released next week.

The knitted blanket is within a just a few days of being at the halfway point it needs to be at for the month.

The small pi shawl...

Let's not talk about that one...

Friday, May 13, 2016

So Far, So Good?

Well, out of the four projects I added, after completing the one, (89!89!WTF am I doing!), one at least is on track. I had the blanket CAL for classes, the knitted blanket approved for an OWL that can start any time, and a Pi shawl for my Order mission. Order start date isn't until end of the month, CAL needs to be caught up, and OWL needs to be cast on.


My Headmistress Challenge is on track! Clue one is complete! Yay! (maybe?)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Minus One, Plus Four....Oops...

So, all the requests and proposals are in for House Cup, and just one is waiting on approval. So the tally stands at 86 existing WIPs, minus one FO, plus 4 new WIPs. Eighty Nine.

Although, in fairness, I'm pretty sure I was up to triple digits at one point. I swear I remember counting "In Progress" on Ravelry into triple digits at one point, I just have no documentation or clear recollection of it.

So...I'm good right? I just need to keep the new projects on track.


Thursday, May 5, 2016


Four months. Over 1100 yards. BUT I made a sweater!

So that should knock me down to 85 WIP's.

Except for that crochet along that I decided to start so I could hand in the blocks for classes for the House Cup term.

And the blanket kit I found, that I'm swatching to do as an OWL for House Cup.

Maybe this is the reason I wound up with 86 WIP's in the first place...

Monday, April 25, 2016

To Knit, perchance to....OWW!

So, since I'm insane, and do the whole Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry (Slytherin for Life!), I'm looking at next term's plotting and planning. Obviously, I have plenty of WIP's for Detention. Well, some more ready than others. So, to the work bag, knitknitknit, OK, that sweater is down to 4 rows of neckband, and weaving in of ends, there is a garter stitch shawl that's currently the default mindless knit, and a couple pair of socks that theoretically could make both a class and a Detention project, thanks to the mismatch allowance. Assuming I can knit a pair of socks in a month again. Which might be problematic.

My elbow is angry.

Not sure how or why, or what, but back before Christmas, (hmm, it might have been the push trying to gift knit), I seem to have picked up tendinitis. Or something. It hurts if I knit for too long. Or videogame for too long. Or mop, clean, or use my right arm for too long.

So what am I looking at doing? Hmmmm...that Per Terras shawl I never finished isn't really that far along. You remember, the one that uses a whole cone of Zephyr? I'll never match gauge. I bet if I frogged it, it would make a great OWL project for next term. Even with a restart, technically that's finishing a WIP, right?

This is what happens when your whole body hates you, you're limited on what you can do, and your ambitions have been downgraded to winning imaginary internet points. You convince yourself that it's like some sort of Superbowl quarterback thing, where you should work through it for the glory and the win.

After all, I need to make Lucius proud, right?

'I'll fetch you some coffee while you knit, dear"

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wow - almost 3 1/2 years? Unfortunately most of it has been fighting for disability, and the exhaustion (physical, mental, and emotional) of going through all that. Don't let anyone tell you it's an easy handout. It took me years, many doctors, and the help of my family and a couple of great lawyers. Even now that I've technically "got it", I'm still filling out papers, answering questions, completing more documentation, coordinating benefits... A friend of mine told me when I got sick that disability would be the hardest I've ever worked. It's true.

And in all that, between the brain fog, the chronic symptoms, the medication side effects, it's hard to focus. It's hard now for me to track and mentally process stuff. That won't keep me from trying though.

Apparently too much trying.

I recently went through my Ravelry projects page, as I'd stumbled on some old bags with WIP's, UFO's, etc. and sorted out what I had listed as "in progress".

I eliminated a few that were obvious placeholders for House Cup projects that had never even been started.

I still had 86.

Eighty Six.

A few of those might be things that aren't actually started - I know I had some placeholders for project/yarn combinations - but still.

Looks like this will be the year of finishing things, and taking up things I have on hand. I've already managed to knit and crochet a little over a mile worth of yarn this year. Actually I've been working mostly from stash on hand for a couple of years now - turns out it wasn't so crazy after all stockpiling stash, supplies, and project ideas, even though I had tons still undone. I had the money but not the time then. Now I have time, but not the money. Or the energy. This is going to be slow going. We'll see what happens...

First, though, I have to try to remember basics, like formatting this thing. Wheee!