Monday, April 25, 2016

To Knit, perchance to....OWW!

So, since I'm insane, and do the whole Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry (Slytherin for Life!), I'm looking at next term's plotting and planning. Obviously, I have plenty of WIP's for Detention. Well, some more ready than others. So, to the work bag, knitknitknit, OK, that sweater is down to 4 rows of neckband, and weaving in of ends, there is a garter stitch shawl that's currently the default mindless knit, and a couple pair of socks that theoretically could make both a class and a Detention project, thanks to the mismatch allowance. Assuming I can knit a pair of socks in a month again. Which might be problematic.

My elbow is angry.

Not sure how or why, or what, but back before Christmas, (hmm, it might have been the push trying to gift knit), I seem to have picked up tendinitis. Or something. It hurts if I knit for too long. Or videogame for too long. Or mop, clean, or use my right arm for too long.

So what am I looking at doing? Hmmmm...that Per Terras shawl I never finished isn't really that far along. You remember, the one that uses a whole cone of Zephyr? I'll never match gauge. I bet if I frogged it, it would make a great OWL project for next term. Even with a restart, technically that's finishing a WIP, right?

This is what happens when your whole body hates you, you're limited on what you can do, and your ambitions have been downgraded to winning imaginary internet points. You convince yourself that it's like some sort of Superbowl quarterback thing, where you should work through it for the glory and the win.

After all, I need to make Lucius proud, right?

'I'll fetch you some coffee while you knit, dear"

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