Monday, December 27, 2010

Knitted Christmas

Since the finances are tight due to the whole out of work thing, it was a knitted Christmas all around - on top of finishing the 10 in 10 challenge, and some ghost knitting. Even the ferrets are looking at me like I've gone round the bend. BUT everyone was happy with their gifts! (I got all but one pair of socks done, and those needed to be checked as I was warned about this particular designer running small halfway through the first sock!)

It sounds a bit like a knitters 12 days of Christmas - 6 fingerless gloves (three pair), 2 internet deities, 1 pair of slippers, 1 hat, and a pair of socks to finish. Oh and gifts that need to be mailed, which may or may not be finished yet.

What? Internet deities? Yes, that would be courtesy of my son. Flying Spaghetti Monster is fairly standard, but Pretazlcoatl is a new one he created "The saltiest deity I've ever made up" to be exact.

I'll try to get the 10 in 10 final tally up between now and the first of the year, as well as the "That's it, this time you've REALLY lost it!" challenges for 2011!