Sunday, July 5, 2009

Presidential Ambition

One of the many projects I'm working on is a Dear Jane quilt (the same quilt and group that I did the swap blocks for a while back). The group tends to have a lot of collaborative activities - especially around historic events. They contributed to a new and fitting grave marker for Jane A. Stickle, the creator of the "Mother Quilt". After September 11, they created a red, white, and blue "United We Stand" quilt for President Bush. After this year's historic election, it was decided to create Yes, we can Jane!, a collaborative quilt for President Obama.

At this point we are on round one of blocks. There is a rough draft (which looks amazing!) of the layout, and all participating members are sending in their first two blocks by July 15th. (If you'd like to participate, there will still be more blocks needed - feel free to sign up!) There is a designated background fabric that will be sent to you on signing up, and the rest are to be civil war reproduction fabrics (due to the President's historical interest).

My first two are ready to go - or at least as much so as I can get them. I've spent all weekend working on two little blocks, have done everything wrong I possibly could, and am still convinced they are nowhere near good enough. I'm taking a deep breath and mailing them out anyway. Yikes!

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