Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finding My Mojo

Backtracking to the month of intermission time - I came down with bronchitis/pneumonia/respiratory crud that landed me on a week of antibiotics and general icky. Once over that, I seemed to have lost all ambition. Apparently "over" and "OVER" that crud were two different things. (Either that or the ferrets stole my Mojo and hid it under the couch. did seem to resurface right after I had to get the broom to chase Frack out from under the couch so I could put him to bed before going to work....maybe my Mojo was in the pile of toys and day old treats that came out with him.)

I finally think I'm getting back on track with actually getting something done. Just since Wednesday, I've finished two - yes TWO things! (After nothing for a month!) OK, so it's not major projects or impressive finishes, but it's something!

Circle socks, done in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. Due to the yarn being heavier than called for, I dropped one repeat out of the pattern - cutting down from 64 stitches to 56 stitches. Miracle of miracles, it actually worked!

I also finished (JUST under the wire!) the October block for the Basket Case block of the month group. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with this one, I think I will at least add a bow to the top of the handle, but will probably wait until I have more baskets and can evaluate adding embellishments to them as a group.

Now to wander off and try to mojo up some more projects! Woohoo!


  1. Love the socks! I'm sure the ferrets would like them... (tell the ferrets I'm on to them)

  2. Great finishes!

    Regarding getting it done just under the wire....that IS on time!

    So....whatcha starting on? ;)

  3. Awesome socks!!!Sucks you came own with all that yucky stuff, but glad you are better....Thumbs Up!