Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Knit Knerd

This week is FlGaWeen at work. Yeah, kind of a bizarre footballholidaymashup thing. We're having theme days all week. Yesterday was Think Pink. Today was Nerd day.

Normally I either forget, or just flat don't get around to doing a dress-up for these things. For today though, I managed to get it together. About 10 minutes quality time with some glitter glue and my scrap bag of yarn ends and I had this nifty shirt.

To complete the outfit, I had on hand knit socks, hand knit wrist warmers, a hand knit shawl, knitting needles and a small ball of yarn stuck in my hair, and instead of the standard nerdly tape wrapped around my glasses, I had yarn.

Fortunately, or unfortunately no pics - but yes, the image is as silly as you're thinking.


  1. Wonderful idea!

    You know we're missing you on Wednesday's and Friday's, right?

  2. Totally appropriate!!!

    (What did the ferrets think??)